Vision Mission and Objectives

Vision Mission and Objectives


NSSC vision is empowered and transformed deprived people on self-sustained manner with mutual respect for peaceful and prosperous Nepal.

To the children.

NSSC organized Health Camp focused on women and child health in different places targeted to underprivileged people considering the health facilities available in that area.


NSSC is committed to improve the lives of rural people especially women and marginalized   section of the society through socio-economic services which enable them self-employed.


    • To provide the capacity development services like skill training, technical support, market linkage so as to make them economically self-supportive which would contribute in health and sanitation, education, nutrition and welfare of their family.
    • To Provide the basic education opportunity for underprivileged children and thus, lure them to constructive learning.
    • To Contribute the overall development of the underprivileged and the society as a whole through organizing various development programs.
    • To undertake action research program mobilizing optimum level of local resources for overall upliftment of the underprivileged section of the society.